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The ideal compromise between power and burn time. The rated brightness is the maximum light output, obtained when first turned on. It dims after a few minutes, until it goes out completely many hours later.

Simply... hands-free lighting!

STANDARD LIGHTINGThe energy source in these headlamps supplies power directly to the LEDs.

Brightness decreases gradually as the energy source is drained, offering a very long burn time. The headlamp is intensely bright for the first few minutes, and then less and less as time passes.

All headlamps with STANDARD LIGHTING have a common characteristic: the greater the initial brightness, the faster it decreases.

Petzl has therefore chosen to limit the use of STANDARD LIGHTING to products whose brightness will not be halved after one hour of use, in order to preserve lighting that is truly useful to the user.


STANDARD LIGHTING curves at 60 lumens and at 130 lumens


With STANDARD LIGHTING technology, a lamp with an initial brightness of 130 lm will dim much more quickly than one which starts at 60 lm.

The real burn time available at 130 lm is very low; maximum brightness is halved after only a few minutes.

This approach to lighting has only limited value to the user. A more useful approach would be a lamp that puts out 60 lm with a much longer burn time.



Petzl lighting performance

Petzl opted for maximum transparency in communicating lighting performance:

TIKKINA performance




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