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Evacuating a person, RIG attached to the harness


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Lowering a person (device on the harness) requires special attention. In this situation, the person controlling the descent cannot see the person being lowered.

It is necessary to have a directional point situated higher than the RIG to lower a person from the harness.

The brake side of the rope must pass through a braking carabiner, the FREINO for example.

Your feet are pressed against a solid surface, and you are anchored tightly and securely positioned. The rope must pass through a directional point. Beware of sharp edges and protect your rope.

Gradually pull on the handle, while holding the brake side of the rope.

Warning: if you are not securely positioned, or if you pull the handle too quickly you risk being dragged along by the weight of the victim.

Evacuating a person, RIG on the harness.