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How to use your Bluetooth headlamp

Learning to pair your Bluetooth headlamp with the MyPetzl Light app can help you quickly check the remaining burn time and load specific lighting profiles before hitting the trail. This step-by-step tutorial will familiarize you with all the features offered by your Bluetooth headlamp.

February 21 2018

Night running

Pair your headlamp with your smartphone

1) Download the MyPetzl Light app to your smartphone from the App Store or Google Play.

2) Activate Bluetooth on your smartphone in the device's settings.

3) Ensure that the Bluetooth is activated on your headlamp--indicated by a blinking blue light when powered on. To activate or deactivate the Bluetooth, hold down the side button, or twist the knob, for four seconds.

4) Launch the MyPetzl Light app, press the plus-sign button on the Status/Welcome screen, and select the headlamp for pairing.
5) Confirm the connection using the side button or knob on your headlamp.


Display and monitor your headlamp performance in real time.

1) On the Status screen, you can display battery life, current activity profile, and remaining burn time for each lighting level.
2) From the Status screen, you are not able to switch between lighting levels, you must use the buttons on your headlamp. 
3) You can also control the red light on the rear of the NAO + from the Status screen.


Choose or configure lighting profiles.

1) The Profiles screen allows you to configure your lighting needs based on your activity.
2) You can choose a predefined profile configured by Petzl or create your very own customized profile.


Predefined profiles

1) To select a predefined profile, go to the Petzl tab at the top of the Profiles screen.
2) Choose one of the profiles that best fits your activity.
3) These pre-configured lighting profiles can be modified to better fit your needs.

4) To activate this profile on your headlamp, press the load button.
5) The chosen profile should appear in the status menu.


Custom profiles

1) To create a personalized profile, click on the “My Profile” tab at the top of the Profiles screen and then press “Add a Profile”.
2) Name your new lighting profile.

3) Establish at least one reactive light setting and one constant light setting by by pressing on “Add a Level” and then click “Modify”.
4) Each light setting can be customized based on activity, burn time, or distance.
5) Select the activity that best corresponds to your adventure; this will determine the beam pattern. 
6) Use the slider to adjust the desired burn time and lighting power.

7) Press “Save.”
8) To activate this profile on your headlamp, press the “Save” button and then the “Load” button.
9) The Profile screen stores all your saved profiles and allows you to load them on your headlamp whenever you want.


Adjust the brightness of your headlamp straight from your phone.

1) The Live screen switches your headlamp into constant lighting mode and allows you to adjust the lighting power on the fly based on your immediate needs.
2) Using the slider, you can adjust the brightness of your headlamp based on your desired amount of burn time.

3) Leaving the app on the Live screen and putting your phone to sleep will allow you to make additional real-time brightness changes and confirm how much battery life is left.
4) When exiting the Live screen, you will return to the active lighting profile that is loaded to the headlamp.


Send a distress message in the case of an emergency.

1) The Emergency screen allows you to write a short distress message which is then converted into a morse code light signal.

2) Type in your short message and press “Send”.
3) Your headlamp will immediately start blinking to transmit your message using Morse code.
4) Press “Stop” to terminate the message.


Resetting your headlamp and getting online assistance.

1) If you ever have issues with your headlamp, the More screen will allow you to do the following:
2) From the “My Lamp” menu, you can personalize the name of your headlamp, review the loaded software, manage Bluetooth, and restore to factory setting.
3) From the “Change Lamp” menu, you can switch your phone’s connection to a different Bluetooth headlamp.
4) The “Help” menu gives you quick access to a list answers for frequently asked questions.
5) The “Email” menu helps you send a quick email to our dedicated technical support team.


Video tutorial


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