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Helmets Matter

Every year, Petzl receives emails and letters from customers who feel their helmets played an important role in their safety and even survival.

May 12 2015


By sharing some of these stories, we aim continue a conversation that has been going on at crags, in gyms, and on forums for years: When and where is a helmet appropriate? What is the risk/reward equation for wearing a helmet while climbing? As these stories demonstrate, helmets matter—but ultimately these are questions each user must answer for him or herself.

Climbing, mountaineering, and the activities described in these stories are inherently dangerous. You are responsible for your own actions, decisions and safety. Wearing a helmet can significantly reduce the risk of head injury, but does not ensure protection against all impacts.

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Anne Skidmore Russell on the wall. Photo courtesy of Anne Skidmore Russell.Anne Skidmore Russell - Chouinard's Gully

Jonathan Lytton climbing. Photo courtesy of Jonathan Lytton.Jonathan Lytton - Sudden Descent


Chris Wilke. Photo courtesy of Chris Wilke.Chris Wilke - Falling Ice

Susan DeBruin aid climbing. Photo courtesy of Susan DeBruin.Susan DeBruin - Rockfall


Ryan McCauley climbing. Photo courtesy of Ryan McCauley.Ryan McCauley - Off the Ends

Bernadette climbing in Yosemite. Photo: Liz ReganBernedette Regan - You Must Have A Cold Sweety


Alex Ling On Vacation. Photo courtesy of Alex Ling.Alex Ling - Win a Helmet, Break a Helmet

Lauren's Helmet. Photo courtesy of Lauren Wilson.Lauren Wilson - Tumbling Into Scree


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