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Additional information: I'D test results


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1. Dynamic tests


Dynamic tests

Test conditions:

  • Rope length: 2 m
  • Mass:100 kg
  • Fall factor 1

The values given are averages; they vary depending on the rope models used. Values recorded during tests with new ropes, certified to current European standards (EN 1891, EN 892).


Rope diameter Rope type Impact force Onset of rope slippage in the I’D
10 mm dynamic 4.4 kN 40 cm
10 mm semi-static 5.5 kN 35 cm
11 mm dynamic 6.6 kN 0 cm
11 mm semi-static 7.8 kN 20 cm
11.5 mm static 9.1 kN 15 cm

2. Static tests

Static tests

Test conditions:

Gradual increase of tensile force (F); test stopped at first rope slippage in the device.


Rope diameter Rope type Rope slippage in the I’D
10 mm semi-static 4.4 kN
11 mm semi-static 6.5 kN
11.5 mm semi-static 7 kN