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Adventure parks offer a unique gateway into the vertical world. By learning to move through a third dimension, both kids and adults push their limits through a fun, awe-inspiring journey. Our mission is to make this new adventure a truly exceptional experience.
Petzl’s gear for adventure parks is designed to enable you to provide your customers with the best possible experience. Our gear is robust and practical to make the daily workload at an adventure park much easier. For users, the comfortable ergonomic design is essential. Our products are made specifically to address all of these needs.

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Dedicated innovative adventure park gear:



A one-size-fits-all harness that is easy to use and designed with stainless steel gear loops and buckles for maximum durability

Strato vent


A lightweight ventilated helmet for instructors

Trac Plus


Drop-proof pulley for long zip lines; specifically designed for intense use

Jag Rescue Kit


Reversible rescue kit that includes a JAG SYSTEM haul kit and an I’D EVAC descender

©PETZL/Léo Dequivre


At Petzl, innovation is at the core of how we create, design, and manufacture high-performance, comfortable, and long-lasting gear. The advances we make come from a never-ending dialogue with end-users to better understand their needs and expectations in our quest to provide them with the best possible solution.

Textile Research & Development department during the design phase of the ASPIR one-size-fits-all harness.

©PETZL/Marc Daviet


The robust materials we use ensure long-lasting gear, even for intense use, both indoors and out. Petzl has its own dedicated materials and product testing labs, and we regularly conduct tests that push our gear far beyond international norms and regulatory standards. This allows us to offer extremely reliable products and to guarantee end-user safety.

The TRAC PLUS pulley is equipped with a VERTIGO WIRE-LOCK PARK reinforced carabiner that is hard-anodized to last longer and better withstand wet, salty climates.


Ergonomics and design

Petzl designs ergonomic, intuitive, and practical gear for moving quickly and efficiently, and for easy everyday use. As soon as we start designing and prototyping a new product, we continuously assess reliability and safety, paying careful attention to user risk.

Well-organized gear on the FALCON harness.

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