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International Rope Access Competition and Symposium - Petzl is proud to host another installment of Petzl RopeTrip, this time at our North American distributor in Salt Lake City, Utah. For the first four days of April over three hundred rope access specialists will converge at the Petzl Technical Institute in Salt Lake City for this unique gathering. They will attend symposium presentations, meet and share techniques and experiences, and compete in the world's largest rope access competition.

March 30 2016

Rope access and confined space

The Petzl RopeTrip is an international event founded in 2012. It brings together the world's professionals from the rope access community to participate in both a competition and a wide-variety of other activities to encourage discussion, networking, and technical exchange. This is a unique opportunity for rope access workers from all over the world to meet and discuss their common challenges and solutions. 

THURSDAY - Welcome Party

With the theme of the steer for the first ever North American Petzl RopeTrip, the competitors and attendees were greeted in full western style with bandanas, steaks, and of course a mechanical bull. There is no other place in the world where one can watch the reigning Russian champions try their strength against the mechanical bull, as teams from as far away as Lagos and Singapore mingle below Utah’s Wasatch mountains. Michelle Goulet and Nazz Kurth welcomed the international travelers with a “Pot d’accueil” to begin the ceremonies. 

FRIDAY - Registration

Shake off the previous night and prepare for the competition. Safety first, then fun. Before registration every team must undergo an equipment check and a skills assessment to make sure that all teams use the same safety techniques and techniques that are up to Petzl standards. Time to go head-to-head! 


SATURDAY - Competition Begins - Fastest Russians In The West

The day begins and the competitors are off. Each member of the team must compete in their own individual competition and the team must compete one challenge together before moving on to the Speed/Climb Up Challenge. Timmy O'Neil announces the competition and bringing encouragment to the competitors and laughs to the audience. Then in the evening the Climb Up speed comp began. It didn't take long for the two Russian teams to solidify a sweep of the Men's comp and First place in the Women's. All of the Climb Up Competition cowboy hats will be heading to the Russian Federation at the end of #Petzl RopeTrip.


Following the Russian sweep of the Speed Climbing competitions the last day of the competition, and the second to last day of Petzl RopeTrip, started at a frantic pace. The final standings of the 31 teams were still in question leading into the finals. It was a tight competition, but in the end the topscoring Canadian team was edged out to leave two nation's represented in the finals. The veteran teams of Evpator and VAR, each with a previous Petzl RopeTip win, both hailing from Russia stacked up against France's Team France and Team Colibri. Entering the Semi-Finals VAR beat out Evpator while Team France surpassed Colibri to bring on the final match up of against Team France. These semi-finals took place on the Salt Lake City Library's open walls where the two nations raced to place a series of supporting clamps on the library walls. In the finals VAR and Team France raced each other to hang a series of banners representing technical expertise and learning from these clamps. It was a tight competition between these two expert teams, but in a near photo finish France was able to top-out slightly ahead of the final VAR competitor, Mikhail Rafikov. 




Team Евпатор's Travels

For More Information on Petzl RopeTrip and the 2016 agenda click here. 

See the videos from Petzl RopeTrip Sweden and Petzl RopeTrip France below. 

Petzl RopeTrip 2014 [EN] from Petzl professional on Vimeo.

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