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Petzl is expanding the GRIGRI family with the introduction of the GRIGRI +, an assisted braking belay device with additional features that provide a more comfortable belay experience. The launch of the GRIGRI + now raises the question for both long-time GRIGRI users and beginner climbers, “Is the GRIGRI + the right device for me?” To answer that question, Petzl has provided the following Q&A.

April 3 2017

Rock climbing

Do you climb in sandy environments?

The GRIGRI + features stainless steel wear plates in the high contact areas of the device. For climbers in Moab, Red Rocks, or Joshua Tree, the steel wear plate will greatly increase the lifespan of the device. For climbers in Squamish or Rumney, the GRIGRI 2 remains more than adequate.

Are you belayed by inexperienced climbers?

Every climber should have the utmost confidence in their belayer. For climbers who want an added layer of security when it comes to lowering their partner, or being lowered, the anti-panic function of the GRIGRI + reduces the risk of an uncontrolled descent if the handle is pulled too hard while lowering. The anti-panic function is especially useful when lowering heavier climbers. For experienced partners of similar size, the GRIGRI 2 is a time tested solution.

Do you frequently Top-Rope?

The belay mode selector adjusts the tension of the cam, optimizing the GRIGRI + for either a lead or top-rope belay. In lead mode, the belayer can easily feed out slack while belaying a leader. When the GRIGRI + is set in top-rope mode, the device aggressively captures the rope while taking in slack to provide a comfortable top-rope experience. The belay mode selector can be locked into either Top-rope or Lead mode to prevent a user from switching the cam tension.

Do you often use ultra-thin or thick ropes?

The expanded rope range of the GRIGRI + is beneficial to climbers who climb on the extreme widths of single ropes. The GRIGRI + can handle ropes between 8.5mm and 11mm in diameter, providing optimal performance with ropes between 8.9mm and 10.5mm. The GRIGRI 2 is made for ropes between 8.9mm and 11mm, and is optimized for ropes between 9.4 and 10.3mm.

Are you a guide?

The combination of anti-panic, steel wear plates, and the ability to lock the device into lead mode make the GRIGRI + an excellent choice for the conditions of guiding. 

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions you may want to consider using a GRIGRI +. If your answers were “no,” the GRIGRI 2 will faithfully serve your belaying needs.


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