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What is the working load limit for a GRIGRI?

For descenders used in professional activities (such as the I’D), the working load limit is determined by the EN 12841 or EN 341 standard, according to usage.

The GRIGRI 2 is certified according to the EN 15151-1 sport standard, which does not specify a working load limit. However, it does specify a dynamic test with a test mass of 80 kg.

As a precaution when belaying a person with the device on the harness, for loads above 80 kg we recommend increased vigilance and special attention given to verifying the compatibility of the entire system, including the rope, device, and the user's level of experience. Lowering a climber weighing more than 80 kg can be tricky, especially with new or small-diameter ropes.
In this situation, we recommend adding friction: FREINO carabiner or another carabiner in vertaco mode, gloves...

Above 100 kg, Petzl has not done testing with the GRIGRI 2 and recommends the use of more suitable products such as the RIG, I'D or another system.

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