Do Petzl helmets come in different sizes? - Petzl Finland

Do Petzl helmets come in different sizes?

Yes. To better suit different head sizes, we have developed several helmet sizes and models. You'll find the entire product line, for both sports and professional products, on our website.

Sports Equipment:

  • The ELIOS helmet comes in two different sizes.
  • The ELIA helmet, designed for women, is also available in two sizes.
  • The PICCHU helmet for children, however, only comes in one size.
  • The light METEOR helmet covers a wide range of head sizes. Depending on the version, it is available in one or two sizes.
  • The ultra-light SIROCCO helmet is available in two sizes.

Professional products:
While they are only available in one size, VERTEX and ALVEO helmets can be fitted with thick foam liners to reduce their inner diameter for users with smaller head sizes.

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