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HYBRID concept: the choice of standard batteries or CORE rechargeable battery for your headlamp

The HYBRID CONCEPT construction allows Petzl HYBRID headlamps to run on either the CORE rechargeable battery or three AAA/LR03 batteries, without an adapter. A practical and flexible solution that allows the user to take advantage of each of these energy sources, depending on use.

To help you choose between standard batteries or CORE battery, here are the different impacts of using one or the other energy source on the operation of your lamp:

CORE rechargeable battery
CORE rechargeable battery
AAA/LR03 batteries


When you turn on the lamp, the brightness is about the same with standard batteries or the CORE battery. The brightness difference at switch-on is around 10% maximum.

However, there is a performance difference when the lamp is in use:


With the CORE battery, the brightness stays generally constant over the entire rated burn time.


With standard batteries, brightness gradually decreases as the batteries are drained.


Note that depending on the battery brands used, performance may differ from Petzl's rated specifications. This is due to variance in battery quality. For your information, our performance measurements are taken with new batteries (DURACELL) in accordance with the PLATO / ANSI FL1 standard.

Burn time

The rated burn time for the CORE rechargeable battery is less than with standard batteries due to a different discharge mode.

Burn time, example: ACTIK

Example: ACTIK


See the technical tip, "How does my lamp perform with standard batteries / or the CORE battery?" for different burn times with HYBRID lamps, depending on the battery type used.

See the associated technical tip for HYBRID lamp burn time differences.


Self-discharge is very low for the CORE rechargeable battery; it is negligible for a standard battery.


For long-term storage, be sure to store your battery in a cool, dry place, away from exposure to heat (less than 25° C). Remove standard batteries or CORE battery from your lamp. Be sure to recharge your CORE battery regularly (about every 6 months). Check the expiration date on your batteries.

Long-term storage of rechargeable / standard batteries

Usage in cold conditions

Standard batteries, like the CORE rechargeable battery, are sensitive to cold below 0° C. Between 0° and -20° C, burn time can be reduced by up to 50 %.


Whether using standard or rechargeable batteries, at less than 0° C we recommend keeping the lamp warm when not in use, for example in a pocket.

At less than 0° C we recommend keeping the lamp warm.