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How do I export a profile Os by Petzl?

To export a profile, launch the file explorer, and go to the directory:
  • For Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\your Windows user name\Application Data\OSbyPetzl\Local Store\Profiles.
  • For Windows Vista & Windows Seven: C:\users\your Windows user name\AppData\Roaming\OSbyPetzl\Local Store\Profiles.
  • MAC OS: /Users/ mac user name/Library/Preferences/OSByPetzl/Local Store/Profiles.

In this location, you have two directories: Core for Core profiles and Strike for Nao profiles. Select the desired directory, then select the profile(s) to export and copy the files to the desired location (example: the desktop, a usb drive, etc.).

- Do not move the files because they will disappear from your profile library.
- Keep the .osbypetzl extension; otherwise, OS by Petzl cannot recognize it.

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