The ABSORBICA-I and Y lanyards are designed for users weighing 50 to 130 kg - Petzl Canada

The ABSORBICA-I and Y lanyards are designed for users weighing 50 to 130 kg

The special progressive construction, adapted to weight, reduces the severity of falls.


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To cushion a fall, all tearing energy absorbers use the successive breaking of multiple woven fibers linking the tear strap. The strength of these woven fibers regulates the impact force that the user is subjected to.

On tearing energy absorbers without progressive construction, the strength of the woven fibers is identical at every point on the energy absorber; all falls are arrested with the same impact force.

The ABSORBICA-I and Y have a special progressive construction: the woven fibers are weaker at the start of the tear strap, and stronger at the end.

The impact force is lower if the fall energy is lower (light weight user and/or short fall).

The maximum impact force of 6 kN is only reached in significant falls (heavy user and/or long fall).

The progressive construction increases the progressiveness of fall arrest and reduces the severity for the user:

Example of a 100 kg user falling 2 m : with ABSORBICA-I or Y, the arrest distance is longer, with better absorption and a lower impact force.

With a non-progressive absorber (calibrated for 6 kN maximum)

100 kg/fall 2 m

With ABSORBICA-I or Y (2016 models and after)

100 kg/Fall 2 m

Fall arrest examples with ABSORBICA-I and Y for users weighing 50, 100 and 130 kg:

The energy absorber tear length depends on the amount of fall energy to be absorbed.

The more energy in a fall, the longer the tear length; the more stages are activated, the higher the impact force.
50 kg
100 kg
130 kg
50 kg - fall 0,6 m
50 kg - fall 2 m
50 kg - fall 4 m
50 kg
100 kg
130 kg
100 kg - fall 0,6 m
100 kg - fall 2 m
100 kg - fall 4 m
50 kg
100 kg
130 kg
130 kg - fall 0,6 m
130 kg - fall 2 m
130 kg - fall 4 m