Tying-off the PIRANA - Petzl Belgique

Tying-off the PIRANA

When rappelling, it is sometimes useful to stop the descent in order to perform various tasks (install a deviation, untangle the rope...). To do this, the descender is tied off to immobilize it.


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There are several kinds of tie-off, which is selected depending on the context (rappelling with feet supported, or free-hanging) and/or according to the maneuvers to be performed:

1. Temporary stop. 

You must keep a hand on the brake side of the rope.

PIRANA - Temporary stop

2. Long duration tie-off

Here are two tie-offs that allow both hands to be free, with maximum security.

The second tie-off is not recommended for free-hanging rappels because it can be difficult to undo, which is problematic on a waterfall rappel.

PIRANA - Long duration tie-off