Educating and involving Petzl teams concerning issues of social and environmental responsibility, as well as implementing projects from the action plan, have been identified as priorities.

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Picto puceRaising awareness about sustainable development

Petzl conducts various activities with its employees to raise awareness of sustainable development issues and projects in this area.

Petzl has an intranet dedicated to sustainable development that shares company projects with employees and informs them of sustainable development news.

Our Sustainable Development Week is an opportunity to organize entertainment at the French sites such as film screenings, quiz contests, and exhibitions on environmental and social issues.

Impression écran de l'accueil Intranet
Intranet homepage for Sustainable Development - June 2013.


Picto puceEmployee involvement

Eco initiatives

At Petzl, everyone is invited to contribute on a daily basis to reduce their environmental impact through eco initiatives. These eco initiatives have been distributed throughout the company in the form of descriptive illustrations.

Coffee mug given to all employeesThe first action in this area was to work on the paper that is being used internally, its consumption and its supply sources. Documents are printed on 100 % recycled paper. The default settings on printers are set to print on both sides of a page of paper and to inform the user when the printer is ready in order to avoid wasting paper.

Coffee machines have also been the subject of original proposals. Petzl has given a coffee mug to all employees. The programming of coffee machines has been modified to detect these mugs and to avoid the automatic distribution of disposable plastic cups.


Employee transportation

In the United States, employees can adjust their work schedules to use alternative modes of transportation to get to work, as well as the possibility of working remotely. Petzl America offers all employees public transport passes like the UTA Eco Pass ( that provides free access to regional and local buses and trains.

In France, all employees are invited to participate in the Mobility Challenge on a yearly basis. This regional event aims to promote means of transportation other than single-passenger vehicles for the home-work commute. In 2013 Petzl participated for the third time, and on that day our team covered over 1900 kilometers with alternate means of transport.

Collaborateur Petzl à vélo

Audit 2012:
- 72 % of employees commute in single-passenger vehicles
- 11 % car pool
- 11 % use public transit
- 5 % walk or cycle

To favor the use of public transit, agreements have been signed with various transit companies, giving our employees reduced monthly rates. Further, the company then reimburses 50 % of this cost.


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