Petzl has three production sites in the heart of the French Alps, one of which is our headquarters in Crolles, near Grenoble. There is also a distribution site in the United States in Salt Lake City, Utah, and a production site in Malaysia. The social and environmental responsibility of the company applies primarily to its own entities.


BD les sites



Picto puceEnvironmental management of each site

Petzl’s environmental policy (download GED Manual - pdf format) includes the executive directive to take environmental responsibility.

Petzl has set up a system of environmental management for its French sites (applying ISO 14001 standards), with a focus on waste management and energy consumption.

Our U.S. distribution subsidiary based in Salt Lake City, Utah, has set up monitoring system for its energy and water consumption, as well as the sorting of waste. Petzl America offsets its energy use via wind energy projects.

Since its opening, the Petzl production site in Malaysia has integrated social and environmental dimensions to its activities with a particular emphasis placed on waste management and on housing conditions of employees.Following an audit by the NGO RHSF, which we work with for our supply chain, PMM developed its own charter for sustainable development.


>> Download the document about the environmental policicyPicto pdf[pdf - 57 kb]



Picto puceAchievements


Site cleaning and employee awareness of waste sorting (Malaysia):

Nettoyage du site en Malaisie


quotation marksThe surroundings of the Petzl manufacturing site in Malaysia have been transformed over the years. Bottles and other waste items used to be dumped around the outskirts of the site, making the normally abundant native greenery die back. As part of Earth Week 2010, the manufacturing department of Petzl Malaysia organized a ‘green day' to clean up the perimeter. Petzl employees collected over one hundred kilos of various rubbish left from before the system of waste management was implemented.

Furthermore, the site's quality management and hygiene safety teams raised awareness of the importance of the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) in all daily actions and of Petzl's ongoing environmental concerns.
At the end of the day, a sorting system has been set up on site, accompanied by a display of the various stages (use, waste, end) of the product life cycle.
This action continues today with a follow-up after the collection of waste that has been sorted on site. Indeed, in Malaysia, much of the sorted waste collected may still end up in landfills.
Gilles Waeldin, Director of Petzl Manufacturing Malaysiaquotation marks

An energy efficient building (France)

In 2011 a new building is being built on the Crolles, France, site, with the goal of reducing energy consumption.

Building picture


  • The project: "To cultivate both the company's and the employees' dynamic spirit"

    The new buildings accommodate 110 people; the goals for this project were the following:
    - to once again provide a comfortable working space for employees
    - to place coworkers in an environment that encourages success, to enhance the competitive advantage of our business, most notably by grouping R&D with the teams that work on product development
    - to encourage creativity, innovation, breakthroughs
    - to have a work environment that can be adapted over time to handle future changes in the company
    The building focuses on, among other things, space, light, acoustics, and a warm and friendly atmosphere. A few examples: outside windows for all offices and meeting rooms, particular attention to the interior design and decoration as well as the layout of the break areas.


  • Energy consumption

    From a technical standpoint reducing energy consumption was a key goal: we set a total energy per square meter limit equivalent to a 75 % reduction in energy consumption compared to a similar size building complying with the most current standards. We asked a firm that specializes in High Environmental Quality (HQE) construction to come up with practical solutions to achieve this level of energy savings. In terms of design and construction, the approach resulted in focusing on the building's orientation and exposure, choosing building materials that favor wood, taking lighting, thermal bridges, insulation, and air flow into consideration. After the upcoming winter and summer seasons we will be able to confirm the actual amount of energy the building consumes,…

    Construction of the new building was accompanied by a renovation of existing office space in order to provide more comfort and new space for the sales team.

Petzl buildings in Crolles from the sky


GuillemetsWorkspace: a key tool for our business to maintain its competitive edge

When the project started, we made a number of observations and set a few ground rules:
- The buildings we work in are a key tool for our business to stay competitive and to ensure the well-being of our employees; a building should be flexible and easily adaptable to company needs. Beyond these requirements, it is important to establish a 5 to 10 year vision of where the company is going.
Petzl has grown significantly in recent years and I am certain that this strong growth will continue. Just a few years ago it was clear that our building complex was no longer compatible with the growth rate of our team and with the organizational changes that this growth would require.
- Another important point: the campus belongs to the Group. We do not have to worry about answering to a property owner who might not share the same vision for moving forward. This is our home, and thus we build and arrange our workspace as we see fit.
To sum up, as the head of the company, I am accountable to my employees in ensuring both their employment and their job satisfaction. It is my duty to get it right the first time.
I include our employees as part of the business's key clients, and I see my role as that of a supplier serving them.
Paul Petzl, PresidentGuillemets

>>Download the document about Environmental Performance of our R&D BuildingPicto pdf[pdf 430 kb]