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Trad climbing meeting 2010, Valle dell’Orco

The CAAI, with the sponsorship of Club Alpino Italiano, is organising from september 19 to 25, 2010, the first Trad Climbing Meeting, international event, in Ceresole Reale, Orco valley.

Certified! Part 2: Petzl athlete Caroline George on Becoming an IFMGA Guide

Note: This is a continuation of an earlier blog. To read Part 1 of Caroline George's blog post, click here.

A mid-winter update, by Joe Kinder

Most of the year I travel and don’t occupy any living quarters for more than a month. It takes a getting used to if you aren’t accustomed this sort of life but, I assure you as well…it is bliss. The past 6 months I have been in France, Spain, Colorado, Utah, Texas, and even New Mexico. All for climbing.

Planning a tropical climbing vacation this winter? Beware of those anchors!

Winter is basically here and it’s the time of year when people start heading off on climbing trips to warmer climes…particularly popular are those dreamy, tropical oceanside crags in Thailand, Vietnam, the Dominican Republic, etc. But before you go trusting those bolts and anchors, BEWARE!

2002 Petzl TIKKA headlamps needed for Hollywood film - UPDATE

Updated 2/2/2010: Thanks to our Twitter followers, we were about to round up enough vintage TIKKAs for use in the film. We are no longer in need of more headlamps. Thanks for your help!


Ice climbing and tragedy at the Bozeman Ice Festival, by Caroline George

Early last month, Petzl athlete and guide, Caroline George headed up to Bozeman to participate in the Hyalite Ice Breaker Ice Climbing Competition. As many of you may know, the event was marked by great tragedy when ice climbing legend Guy Lacelle was killed by an avalanche.

Beth Rodden's long road to recovery

by Beth Rodden

Hello everyone! Sorry if this blog is somewhat short, I am still typing one handed, which makes for slow typing and not very much patience on my part.

Adieu, Guy

We just learned yesterday that Guy Lacelle was killed in an avalanche during the Bozeman Ice Festival.  This tragic news strikes at the heart of the Petzl family, adding to a overwhelmingly sad 2009. Guy has long been a close friend to all of us at Petzl, both in North America and Europe.

A day at Pinnacles National Monument, by Ethan Pringle

Hello Petzl blog readers. Thanks for clicking on the link for my first blog… first?!? How could I have let this happen?!? I guess it’s just kind of in my nature to be a bit of a slacker. Sorry. But hey, better late than never right? It’s the thought that counts? Etc. Etc… Anyway I’ve been ramping up the PT on my shoulder lately and climbing more and more, so hopefully I’ll have some more fun stories to tell for ya’ll in the coming months about my vertical adventures!

Jon Cardwell's annual Catalonian climbing pilgrimage

(Editor's note: While Jon's post is about climbing in Spain, most of the photos are of climbing during the previous French-leg of his trip. We look forward to future updates from this strong and inspiring Yankee abroad.)