Petzl Team blog posts from RocTrip Mexico

With Petzl RocTrip Mexico in the bag, many Petzl Team athletes have authored follow-up blog posts on their personal sites. Below, some excerpts and images from their posts, with links back to the originals. 


Beth Rodden's Long Road to Recovery, Part 4

It’s been a few months since my last post and I’ve been running into people at the crags and boulders who’ve been asking for updates. I’ve been getting a lot of questions from people who have themselves suffered labral tears. It seems this type of injury has grown more common among climbers lately, so I asked my physio about it -- she suggested it could just be that doctors are now better able to accurately diagnose such injuries.

Alli Rainey's Ten Sleep Summer Report

...Or: 10 Reasons to Visit Ten Sleep Next Season

Positive energy was the name of the game in Wyoming's Ten Sleep Canyon this summer. With more traffic than ever before, it might have turned out differently, but somehow it seemed as though nearly every climber who came here this summer got caught up in the buoyant wave of exactly what rock climbing should be about: having fun, no matter how “seriously” you take it.

Come join Petzl at the 10th annual Red River Gorge Rocktoberfest

Friday, October 8 through Sunday October 10, Petzl will be attending the 10th annual Rocktoberfest, a climbing celebration of epic proportions held in one of America’s finest cragging locations, the Red River Gorge, Kentucky.

Itw: Enzo Oddo, 15 years old, first 9a+

Enzo is the youngest member of our team of climbers. The fifteen-year-old from Nice has already sent several 9a+ routes. This summer, on the 15th of August, he achieved his greatest success with the mythical "Biographie 9+" at Ceuse.


We had the opportunity to meet with Enzo and ask him a few questions about his tick of the summer.


Emily Harrington and the Artist's Proposal, Part 2

Emily Harrington and the Artist's Proposal, Part 2

Continued from The Artist’s Proposal, Part 1

Ethan Pringle, The Wheel of Life, and why grades can(‘t) be ignored

When I was 11 or 12 years old, I cared a lot more about grades than I do now. I was more (outwardly) competitive, especially around other strong kids my age. I think I said some pretty stupid and egotistical things back then. Luckily I can’t remember what they were.

Beth Rodden's Long Road to Recovery, Part 3

This is the third installment of Beth Rodden's Long Road to Recovery. Read Part I here and Part II here.

Emily Harrington and the Artist's Proposal, Part 1

This is a story about opportunities. Specifically, an opportunity presented to me this past April while I visited Antalya, Turkey. I was there for a month-long climbing trip sponsored by The North Face. I was excited, motivated to climb, and ready for an adventure. After Turkey, Sam Elias, Boone Speed and I planned to visit central Europe for another month: Slovenia, Austria, Italy, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, and wherever else we decided to go. Then, one afternoon in Turkey, I received a strange email.

Certified! Part 2: Petzl athlete Caroline George on Becoming an IFMGA Guide

Note: This is a continuation of an earlier blog. To read Part 1 of Caroline George's blog post, click here.