Adventure Everest

After 4 days in Zangmu we leave toward Everest basecamp. From Tingri we
first take the same way like to Cho Oyu.  After 15 minutes the driver
turns left. Now we are definitively on the way to the Everest. The
basecamp is somehow surreal. The first thing what strikes me was the
tent of Kari Kobler. A yellow dome in the middle of a field of stones

Acclimatisation comes to its end

The time of acclimatisation comes to ist end. Since two weeks I am back
to Khumbu Valley. The weather is quite instable. Strong winds in the
altitude and wet air from the south. I am happy. We have installed
ourselves mostly in Lobouche. The Eco
Lodge gives us the perfect conditions at an altitutde of 4950 meters to
get acclimatized. It was a good decision to come here. We have a bed to
sleep: I will sleep long enough in a tent. To get used to the height
this is an important time. You can not shorten it.

Story of an ascent of the Harlin Direttissima on the north face of the Eiger

From January 30 to February 5, 2011, Patrice Glairon-rappaz, Paulo Robach and Cédric Perillat attempted to climb the Harlin Direttissima on the north face of the Eiger. Cédric tell us about their adventure:


"It was a major effort in the perspective that the strong American-British-German team committed themselves to the first ascent of the ‘Harlin Direttissima' from February 23 to March 25, 1966 making numerous attempts and using hundreds of metres of fixed rope."

Première au Lunak

Au mois de septembre 2010 une équipe de jeunes alpinistes s'attaque à la face Sud-Est du Jobo Rinjang Ouest ou Lunak 2, un sommet vierge de 6940
m au Népal. Récit et vidéo de cette expédition dans le Haut Kumbu avec Seb Ratel, Maxime Belleville, Mathieu Detrie et Mathieu Maynadier.

The Pangaea project in the heart of the himalayan region

Respecting the principles of the Pangaea project, Mike Horn has led a team of 8 young people from all over the world through an amazing adventure. The objective always remained the same:

Explore, Learn and Act.


Guidebook: the 5 routes to the Mont-Blanc

The second edition of the book “Mont-Blanc, 5 routes to the summit” is available since the end of July. In this guidebook, François Damilano gives you the keys to enjoy this wonderful summit in all its alpine splendor.

Certified! Part 2: Petzl athlete Caroline George on Becoming an IFMGA Guide

Note: This is a continuation of an earlier blog. To read Part 1 of Caroline George's blog post, click here.

Expedition Makalu (8463m) West pillar solo - final report

Since one week I am back in Switzerland. My frostbitten feet are getting slowly better and I have started again with my climbing work out. Every day life is getting back, slowly. Nevertheless: I need this rest badly. The Makalu has challenged me to the very end.
The expedition was a great success, although I did not reach the summit over the primarily planned route over the west pillar. The conditions on the normal route were already very difficult, so that an ascent over the west pillar was simply impossible.

Summit success at Makalu - 8463m - West pillar solo

Summit success for Ueli Steck at Makalu (8463 Meter) over the normal route.

Makalu Expedition - news from Base Camp

Monday, September 14, - Makalu base camp

I left Base Camp to Makalu west pillar on Saturday morning at 00.30 am. I ascended directly to my small tent at 6700 meters. Basically it is more an overstepping than an ascent. The way to the actual west pillar passes over the two Jumeaux.