Jared Abrojena at the 2011 Tree Climbing Championships

This year’s International Tree Climbing Championships (ITCC) took place in Sydney, Australia in late July (winter in the southern hemisphere). Petzl athlete Jared Abrojena, a professional and competitive arborist from California, has fared exceptionally well in ITCC events in the past couple of years, continuing his world-class performance this year. Following are some of his thoughts on the competition.

Labor of Love: Arborist Climber

In the spring of 2010, arborist climber Xavier Ubeda went to work with some trees on a property on Moines Island in the Gulf of Morbihan. It was here that he assisted Raphaël Dubuc and Alain Gourmaud, two instructors in the profession of arborist climbing. The goal of the day was to trim large dead branches from pine trees (Pinus radiata) that overhung a footpath along the coast.

Arborist Jared Abrojena joins the Petzl Athlete Team

Jared Abrojena
Jared Abrojena.

Petzl is pleased to welcome the world-renowned arborist Jared Abrojena to its Athlete Team.

Redwoods: The Super Trees in this month's National Geographic Magazine

This month's issue of National Geographic Magazine features an amazing feature story by Joel Bourne about the massive redwood trees in Northern California. In addition to the entralling article about these unique towering giants, there are several great videos on the web (many of which feature Petzl's tree climbing equipment), including a 'making-of' the cover shot - 84 images of a 300-foot tree stiched together.