Albarracin and beyond

Albarracin -a part of the old world...

THE place

I´ve been around here for a while now. There is not much to say than what I dicovered several years ago (and many others with me) -this is THE place for climbing. The areas around Lleida has it all. Now staying with Dani and climbing a muerte day after day, these photos sum up some of the latest weeks of activity...

THE outdoor climbinggym of Ali Baba cave in Rodella. Some of the craziest guys come here after work, in the dark and light candels for magical trainingsessions.

Back to the roots

Back in Sweden again after yet another trip. It's pretty crazy how these days I don't eaven feel as I've been away when I get back home. Anyway, back I was and it felt pretty good. The season is at it's best right now and the forests are really beautiful with all the wild colours.

The deep fried south

Time flies...
We moved on further south, me and a bunch of froggies (Tony, Isa, Lafouche, Erwan, Guillaume, Gérome, Fred, etc). Our main target was the mythical bouldering around Chattanooga, Tennessee. First up was the Lilly boulders. Maybe not the best place ever but totally ok as a little break on our way.

Roctrip BC - Squamish 2005

Cette année, Petzl et Arc'teryx ont organisé le RocTrip à Squamish, Colombie Britannique, où se trouvent certains des plus beaux blocs et voies en granit du monde.