Energy and networks © Fred Moix Energy and networks © Fred Moix

Energy and networks

The techniques used for moving around depend directly on the specifics of each structure and the presence/absence of collective protection. In its absence, team members must ensure their own safety with PPE (personal protective equipment). This is the case, for example, when working on an antenna or when setting up or taking down structures for events. To protect himself in the case of a fall, each worker must use a fall arrest system (for example: self-belay on the structure with an energy-absorbing lanyard or on a lifeline with a mobile fall arrester). If necessary, a positioning system is used to enable hands-free work. If the structure does have collective protection, a work positioning system (adjustable lanyard) may be sufficient. In special cases, workers may also need to use advanced techniques for progression (alpine technique for installing a safety line, hauling system for lifting a load, descending on a rope, etc.).