Timmy O'Neill is on a quest to get his PIXA 3 to the American Society of Safety Engineers Expo at the Colorado Convention Center, where he is scheduled to host a PIXA-tossing competition...

Timmy with a lot of PIXAs!...But he forgot. 

So when Timmy gets a call from Petzl wanting to know where he is, the race is on to get to the Expo in time. Along the way, Timmy's PIXA 3 gets dropped, kicked, run over, and dunked. Luckily, the PIXA line of headlamps is built to withstand some serious abuse.

But does he make it to the ASSE Expo? Or is all lost?

Watch and find out... 






The treatment of the PIXA in this video falls outside of Petzl's recommended uses. Please treat your gear with more respect than Timmy!


 Technical specs and much more on the compact, durable line of PIXA headlamps