Petzl presents the new ALVEO range, two lightweight helmets for work at height, industry and rescue.


The helmet centered on the head

Simultaneous operation of the two CenterFit adjustment wheels adjusts the headband. The adjustment wheels are easy to manipulate while wearing gloves.

ALVEO helmet adjustment wheels.

The CenterFit system allows the helmet to be perfectly centered on the head.

ALVEO helmet centered on the head.


ALVEO helmets adapt to your lighting needs and additional protection requirements in a few seconds.

A protective face shield, hearing protections and PIXA headlamp mounted on ALVEO helmet

For lighting: each helmet has a front mounting slot for attachment of a PIXA headlamp, and four positioning hooks for mounting a headlamp with an elastic headband.

For protection: the user can install a protective VIZIR face shield with the two lateral inserts, and can add hearing protection with the two lateral slots.


Accessories associated with ALVEO helmets allow each user to adapt the equipment to his/her needs.

Transparent sticker displaying user name on ALVEO helmet.
Page of transparent stickers: allows the user to display a personal marking on the helmet

Reflective sticker on a ALVEO helmet.
Page of reflective stickers: provides better visibility in the dark.

Absorbing foam for ALVEO
Absorbent foam: textile foam ensures better

Replacement foam for ALVEO helmet.
Replacement foam: foam similar to that provided with each helmet; does not absorb perspiration.


Discover the 2 ALVEO helmets

ALVEO BEST helmet.

ALVEO VENT helmet.

Related products

VIZIR face shield and PIXA headlamps range also fit on ALVEO helmets:

VIZIR protective face shield
Protective face shield VIZIR for ALVEO helmet.

PIXA headlamps range
PIXA headlamp for ALVEO helmet.



Pixa Headlamps

I own a Pixa 3 headlamp, a great piece of kit for working in the aeronautic engineering field as I do. Sadly though, it seems that you are unable to purchase a replacement for the elastic head strap. This band gets dirty and sometimes sweaty during use and requires washing, the torch is very robust and will easily outlast the band but there doesn't seem to be a like for like replacement. I had to purchase a Petzl rubber helmet band, then a E04999 elastic strap to try to 'make' replacement, and it is nowhere as good as the original.

How can I get my hands on a replacement Petzyl elastic head strap ?

Re Pixa Headlamps

Hello Peter,

Please contact the distributor in your country (find your distributor navigating through the contact tab on top of page) and order from him a genuine replacement headband for Pixa Headlamp under the ref: 78900
Thank you for your support.

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