MAGNUM, Air and Space Musem, Le Bourget (France) ©stephan-denys MAGNUM, Air and Space Musem, Le Bourget (France) ©stephan-denys


Petzl headlamps: 28 years of adventure

In 1981, the ZOOM headlamp was introduced and revolutionized vertical sports. The performance and reliability of the ZOOM initially met the needs of outdoor enthusiasts and quickly found a place in the professional world.

Ever since, the headlamp has been constantly evolving. The explosive improvements in lighting performance levels that came with the new generation of batteries and high output LEDs has allowed Petzl to invent and design more powerful and lightweight headlamps that are adapted to the specific needs of end users.

Some milestones:

  • introduction of the DUO line: all-terrain, durable and powerful,
  • research for more compact and lightweight lighting solutions resulted in the TIKKA and ZIPKA, the first LED-powered headlamps,
  • the use of high output LEDs allowed the user to see even farther (MYO series),
  • recently launched, the e+LITE became the reference for dependable emergency lighting: it can be stored for 10 years,
  • in 2009, our newest product, the ULTRA, will represent a major advance in lighting power.

Due to their ATEX and Hazloc certifications, many of our models are designed for use in explosive areas.

Petzl designs lights for professionals so that they can see comfortably both near and far while working hands-free.