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Ultra-compact headlamp with retractable cord and wide beam for close-range work

Compact and ultra-light, the ZIPKA is the hands-free lighting solution for occasional close-range work in the dark. Depending on the need, it may be worn on the head, on the wrist, or mounted on different surfaces. It provides constant, stable lighting performance.

  • Headlamp keeps hands free for work: with its ZIP retractable cord, it may be worn on the head, on the wrist, or mounted on different surfaces
  • Ultra-compact and ultra-light: the self-adjusting ZIP retractable cord is ideal for occasional use
  • Compact, for easy storage in a pocket
  • A lighting mode ideal for close-range work: wide, uniform beam, lights to 13 meters for 12 hours (17 lumens)
  • Constant lighting, guaranteed lighting performance that does not diminish during its entire lifetime
  • Reserve lighting when batteries are almost discharged: lights to 5 meters for a minimum of 10 hours
  • Easy to use:
    - on/off push-button
    - battery pack is easy to open
  • Included:
    - ZIPKA headlamp
    - 3 AA / LR6 batteries
    - technical information


Weight: 70 g
Beam pattern: wide
Regulated lighting: yes
Number of batteries: 3
Battery type (included): AAA/LR03
Battery compatibility: alkaline, lithium, rechargeable Ni-MH, rechargeable Ni-Cd
Watertightness: water resistant (IP X4)

- CE
Reference: E79AZB
Colors: yellow/black
Other specifications: test
Made in: MY