Ropeworks, Reunion Tower, Dallas (USA) ©franck-huster Ropeworks, Reunion Tower, Dallas (USA) ©franck-huster


Anchors are the link between the safety system and the structure or the terrain. The type of anchor must be determined by the type of terrain.

  • rock and concrete: permanent anchors (bolt hangers, glue-in bolts)
  • metal structures, trees, flexible anchors (straps)

Anchor straps are designed to facilitate the installation of temporary or portable anchoring devices. If the anchoring device is to be permanently installed or heavily used, use a bolt hanger or glue-in anchor. To complement the standard anchor gear, Petzl offers a lifeline device specific to horizontal progression and a set of accessories designed for ergonomics, function or permanence.
Champier, Menthon Saint-Bernard (France) © Marc Daviet