Protection against solid objects and liquids


The IP Protection Index

The IP Protection Index is an international standard. This index classifies the level of protection offered by equipment against intrusions by solids (e.g. dust) and liquids (e.g. water, oil).

How do you read the protection index?

Example: IP 67
The first number indicates protection against solid objects.
The second number indicates protection against liquids.
The IP 67 notation therefore corresponds to a completely dustproof product that is protected against the effects of immersion in liquid.

Note: When a criterion has not been tested, the number is replaced by "X"
(e.g., IP X6 indicates that the product has not been tested for solids).


The first number indicates protection against solid objects:

X: Not measured -
0: Not protected -
1 = Protected against solids ≥ 50 mm in diameter
2 = Protected against solids ≥ 12.5 mm in diameter
3 = Protected against solids ≥ 2.5 mm in diameter
4 = Protected against solids ≥ 1 mm in diameter
5 = Protected against dust (limited ingress, no harmful deposits)
6 = Completely protected against dust

 The second number indicates protection against liquids:

X = Not measured -
0 = Not protected -
1 = Protected against vertically falling water drops
2 = Protected against water drops (15° from vertical)
3 = Protected against rain (60° from vertical)
4 = Protected against sprayed water
5 = Protected against jets of water
6 = Protected against forceful hose-projected water
7 = temporary immersion (-1 meter for 30 minutes)
8 = prolonged immersion (deeper than 1 meter for period defined by manufacturer)



Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

The electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) describes the ability of an electric device to work properly, independent of possible electromagnetic disturbances in the environment, and without producing its own.
All Petzl headlamps conform to the requirements of the 89/366/CEE directive concerning electromagnetic compatibility: they will not interfere with any other CE-marked devices.