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MAMBO 10.1 mm

10.1 mm diameter single rope for gym or crag climbing

The MAMBO 10.1 single rope has a 10.1 mm diameter for greater versatility and ease of use in the gym or at the crag. This rope has a thick sheath for greater durability and better control.

  • Diameter appropriate for gym or crag use
  • Greater longevity and ease of use:
    - thick sheath provides excellent abrasion resistance
    - UltraSonic Finish: the core and the sheath are bonded together at the rope ends by an ultrasonic process called UltraSonic Finish; gives greater durability and avoids frayed ends
    - ClimbReady coil: specific coil makes the rope ready for use; helps the user avoid initial uncoiling mistakes and increases longevity
  • More effective belaying:
    - low static and dynamic elongation
    - diameter facilitates belay device usage
    - Middle Mark: indicates the middle of the rope to facilitate maneuvers
    - EverFlex treatment: special thermal treatment stabilizes the core strands and improves consistency; offers excellent grip and consistent handling over time

Designed for:

• Diameter: 10,1mm
• Rope type: (CE EN 892, UIAA): single rope
• Weight per meter: 65g
• Percentage of sheath: 37%
• Number of factor 1,77 falls: 7
• Static elongation: 8,5%
• Dynamic elongation: 34%
• Impact force: 8,5kN
• Construction: 40 carrier
• Material(s): nylon

Reference(s) R32AB 050
Color(s) blue
Length 50 m

Reference(s) R32AY 050
Color(s) yellow
Length 50 m

Reference(s) R32AB 060
Color(s) blue
Length 60 m

Reference(s) R32AY 060
Color(s) yellow
Length 60 m

Reference(s) R32AB 070
Color(s) blue
Length 70 m

Reference(s) R32AY 070
Color(s) yellow
Length 70 m

Made in DE
Guarantee 3 years