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Retractable via ferrata lanyard with tearing energy absorber and VERTIGO WIRE-LOCK carabiners

The SCORPIO VERTIGO lanyard for via ferrata is equipped with two VERTIGO WIRE-LOCK carabiners. It has two arms that are retractable to avoid interfering with movement, and a tearing energy absorber located in a zippered protective pouch, enabling the condition of the absorber to be easily checked. The lanyard also has a third arm to facilitate traverses or to allow attachment to a bar (in order to rest, for example).

  • Facilitated progression for optimal protection:
    - two retractable arms facilitate access to VERTIGO WIRE-LOCK carabiners and do not interfere with progression
    - one short arm for attachment to bars, for Tyrolean traverses or for progression close to the cable (must be used with a type K locking carabiner, not included)
    - twisted attachment sling facilitates connection to the harness with a girth hitch
  • Manipulations while passing intermediate anchors are facilitated by VERTIGO WIRE-LOCK carabiners:
    - excellent handling
    - WIRE-LOCK automatic locking system is easy to use
    - large opening for easy connection of carabiner to cable
    - Keylock system helps prevent snagging of the carabiner during maneuvers
    - especially suitable for intensive use
  • Better equipment inspection:
    - protective pouch with zippered closure for the tearing energy absorber enables its condition to be easily checked.
    - usage tips for the via ferrata lanyard displayed on the energy absorber pouch


• Length of lanyard (without carabiners):
- total: 85 cm
- lanyard arms: 60 cm extended (36 cm retracted)
- short arm: 7 cm
- after complete tearing: 210 cm
• Material(s): nylon and polyester, steel rings, aluminum carabiners
• Certification(s): CE EN 958
• Meets new requirements (VG11 2013)

Reference(s) L60AB WL
Weight 500 g
Made in FR
Guarantee 3 years