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10-point crampon for ski touring and glacier travel

At 810 g/pair (FLEXLOCK), the 10-point IRVIS crampons are perfect for glacier travel, ski mountaineering and snowy or icy approaches, where you need a lightweight, simple system for use in varied conditions. Available with two different binding systems, these crampons can fit most boots, even those without welts. Durable and easy to adjust.

  • The length of the points is designed for maximum stability without having to high-step
  • Sharp points for great purchase in ice
  • Two wide front points for purchase in snow, reinforced for rigidity
  • Second row of teeth angled towards the front for support when front-pointing
  • Two teeth at the rear for stability while descending face downhill
  • Two teeth at 45° angles at the rear of the forefoot for purchase while traversing or descending
  • Lateral points for purchase while traversing
  • Linking bar can be set for flexible or semi-rigid modes to adapt the crampon to flexible or rigid boots


Number of points : 10
Boot sizes : sizes 35 to 46 with L linking bar (included), optional M linking bar fits boots sizes 27 to 42 (T20950)
Certification(s) : CE EN 893, UIAA

- Reference : T03FL 02
Weight : 2 x 410 g = 820 (with ANTISNOW) g
Multi-mount system : FLEXLOCK
- Reference : T03LL 02
Weight : 2 x 438 g = 876 (with ANTISNOW) g
Multi-mount system : LEVERLOCK
Made in : FR
Guarantee : 3 years