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Ice screw with integrated crank

The LASER SPEED ice screw starts easily due to the optimized drill shape. Strength and durability are improved due to the steel tube and specific threading. The integrated flexible crank gives an optimized lever, making it easier and faster to screw in.

  • Starting in the ice facilitated by the optimized shape of the steel drill
  • Integrated flexible crank provides an optimized lever, making it easier and faster to screw in
  • Color-coding facilitates identifying the length of a screw
  • Stronger and more durable due to the steel tube and its specific threading
  • Steel is treated to reduce weight and increase strength
  • Smaller hanger to facilitate screwing into sculpted ice
  • Easier sharpening with the drill's patented sharpening reserve


Material(s): steel tube and drill, aluminum hanger
Certification(s): CE, UIAA (except for the 10 cm version)

P70A 100
Weight: 113 g
Length: 10 cm

P70A 130
Weight: 128 g
Length: 13 cm

P70A 170
Weight: 143 g
Length: 17 cm

P70A 210
Weight: 161 g
Length: 21 cm

Made in FR
Guarantee 3 years