SIROCCO®, ultra-lightweight climbing and mountaineering helmet


 The new standard for lightweight helmets

With a maximum weight of 165 g, the SIROCCO becomes the new standard for lightweight helmets.
The SIROCCO also has excellent ventilation distributed around the helmet.


Petzl - SIROCCO ®

Lightweight and excellent impact resistance
The monobloc construction minimizes helmet weight while retaining excellent impact resistance, due to the mechanical properties of expanded polypropylene (EPP). The textile adjustment system also contributes to its lightweight. This helmet comes with a new magnetic buckle that allows the chinstrap to be fastened with one hand.



Petzl - SIROCCO ®

Comfortable and user-friendly

Excellent ventilation distributed around the shell. Entirely adjustable and adapts to all head shapes. Removable comfort foam is quilted and lined with absorbent fabric (washable). Magnetic buckle allows the chinstrap to be fastened with one hand (Petzl patent).



Photos of the SIROCCO helmet in action


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