2006: Millau, France

« Return to the Boffi »

In the Dourbie Valley, never-ending limestone walls

A return to Boffi, the birthplace of the RocTrip... Many new routes are put up around the sector that had welcomed the very first edition. There are of course new ultimate routes, but the competitive aspect is less and less at the forefront. Everything is done to welcome both pros and amateurs in the same space, with over sixty new routes of all grades.

The young Charlotte Durif reveals her talent by redpointing the women's ultimate route, in the wake of Lynn Hill, Martina Cufar, Stéphanie Bodet and Chloé Minoret.

Among the men, Klemen Becan and Chris Sharma give it all, with the encouragement of Dani Andrada, to redpoint the 70 m of beautiful limestone.




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Petzl RocTrip Millau 2006 - affiche

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