A new version of the "OS by Petzl" headlamp performance customization software has just been released. This update concerns everyone who has an NAO headlamp.

pictoThe updated software will allow you to:

  • save battery life in the event that the NAO is switched on unintentionally
  • improve headlamp performance in extreme temperatures
  • take advantage of minor software bug fixes
  • automatically install future updates
  • ensure compatibility with Windows 8 and Mac OS X.8 Mountain Lion

This update will not affect the personal settings and profiles that you have already programmed. Remembering to update your headlamp on a regular basis will allow you to take advantage of the latest developments.

Ecran OS by Petzl

pictoThe benefits of the OS by Petzl software:

The OS by Petzl software, user-friendly and intuitive, allows you to customize the performance settings of your headlamp to your specific lighting needs: to configure lighting settings for the NAO headlamp by activity, and to configure the CORE rechargeable battery for the TIKKA®2-ZIPKA®2 headlamps.

  • Free download
  • Easy to use
  • Available for Windows and Mac OS



Once you download the software, be sure to follow these steps:
1 – Connect the rechargeable battery.
2 – Connect the rechargeable battery compartment.
3 – Recharge your rechargeable battery.

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