Robert Jasper

Robert Jasper profile - photo © coll. Robert Jasper
  • 15 April 1968
  • Baden-Wurtemberg, Germany
  • mountain guide, physical education teacher, training instructor for guides
  • 2000

My job is to explore nature
“Passion connects people to each other, but it also connects people to nature. The more that people connect to nature, the more they connect with themselves and the more they find their true selves. I am an alpinist who specializes in ice climbing, but I like all disciplines that connect to the mountains. My objective is to develop a modern style of climbing, like for example, the first free ascent of the Japanese-Direct (1800m/8a) on the north face of the Eiger. I consider the climbing on that route to be the most difficult climbing in the Alps. I also want to develop a modern alpine style in foreign places such as the Tierra del Fuego, Baffin Island, Svalbard and the Himalaya.”

I progress step by step to reach my dream
“I started climbing in the Black Forest, an in southern Germany. I had good rock just outside my doorstep, and was close to the Swiss Alps. In the Alps, my favorite face is the north face of the Eiger. I have experienced endless adventures there so for me it’s a magic location. I also like places like Tierra del Fuego in Patagonia and the Himalaya with their marvelous cultures. In Europe, the south of France is my favorite for its climbing crags. The Black Forest will always be in my backyard as a place to go for walks with my children. It’s always been important to me to leave and come back and leave again and so on. But returning home to the Black Forest to recharge is always important to me, it’s my base camp.”
Introduction to travel
“My travels are, for me, more than simply a ‘sport’. They are more like a true lifestyle and a passion. When I travel, I meet other people from other countries in a unique way and this enriches my life. The more I share what I have seen, the richer my experience becomes.”
I love to tell the stories of unusual walls
“During my free time I enjoy my family and my children. When I return home from climbing trips or expeditions, I like to share all of my experiences – through stories, slide shows and events– with everyone who wants to hear. I take the opportunity to share my passion as well as all that I have learned during my adventures. I organize conferences and training for people who come from a different cultural backgrounds or have a different social life. Sharing my lifestyle with others is how I live my life.I try to connect all the different disciplines of mountaineering. And I speak of my personal experiences in relation to all I have learned. I love the public relations aspect of my work. For example, I participate in management training for big companies such as Holcim, ABB, Adidas, etc. which I really enjoy.”
My motto
“Do what there is to do, but first think about whether or not it is in line with my ethics. Do everything with all my heart, as well as possible.”

picto plus Major ascents

- Eiger - Matterhorn - Grandes Jorasses (the three biggest north faces in the Alps). Climbed solo
- North Face of the Eiger(Switzerland). Climbed 17 times by numerous routes, the first time at 17 years old
- Cerro Torre (Patagonia). First ascent, in one day, from base camp
- North Face of the Eiger (Switzerland). “Spit verdonesqueedente” (7a, A1). First ascent, climbed solo
- North Face of the Eiger(Switzerland) “Symphonie de Liberté” (8a). First ascent
- North Face of the Eiger (Switzerland) “Japanese Direct” (1800 m/8a). First free ascent
- Mt McKinley (Denali) (Alaska, USA). Climbed by two different routes in four days
- North Pillar of Murallon (Inland Icecap, Patagonia) (1000 m/7c/A2). First ascent in alpine style
- Baffin Island “Take the Long Way Home” (8a/A4). First ascent
- Monte Sarmiento (Tierra del Feugo) “Odisea de Magallanes” (3000 m). First ascent
- Bernese Oberland (Switzerland) “Flying Circus” (M10), 1989
- Jura (Switzerland) “Batman” (M12), 2003
- Range (Switzerland) “No Limits” (M13), 2004
- Range (Switzerland) “Powerbat” (M13+/14), 2009

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- The Alps, IMAX film
- Gone by the Wind, TV film

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Robert Jasper ice climbing - photo © Klaus Fengler