Kilian Jornet Burgada

Kilian Jornet - photo © Monica Dalmasso
  • 27 October 1987
  • Chamonix (France)
  • STAPS (physical education and exercise sciences)
  • Athlete
  • 2012

«During my childhood we lived in the Cap del Rec hut at the Lles de Cerdanya cross-country ski area in the Spanish Pyrenees. I learned to ski there with my sister. Before even learning to walk, we already had tens of kilometers under our belts. In the mountains, the only way to have fun was through sport. During the summer, after school got out, we would run on the trails or through the woods around the hut, and during the winter we’d do the same thing on skis. At five years old, we had already scaled multiple 3,000 meter peaks, including Pico Aneto and Pico Posets. When I was ten years old, we traversed the entire Pyrenees range. This is how we were raised, with the mountains as our playground and playing sports for fun.»

A competitive spirit
«When I was thirteen years old, I heard about the Catalan Technical Center for Ski Mountaineering (CTEMC). After making it through tryouts, I discovered ski mountaineering and started to train seriously. Maité Hernandez taught me how to work hard. Jordi Canals shared his passion for the sport. This was a very important period for me, training daily and participating in both the Spanish and European Championships. In 2005, after graduating high school, I decided to focus my attention on competing, to move to Font-Romeu in France to study physical education and exercise science, and to split my time between school and training. I became addicted to the pleasure of training every day.»
Trail running

«My ski mountaineering partners introduced me to trail running. They run during the summer to stay in shape and to quench their thirst for competition. They encouraged me to give it a try and now I love trail running to such an extent that I currently compete in both the winter ski and summer trail running seasons.»
Two sports/two seasons
«I don’t have a preference between trail running and skiing, I just really like spending time in the mountains. The intense 30 minute to 1.5 hour steep climbs in ski mountaineering prepare me for the summer season, and trail running during the summer provides me with a great base for the winter.»
Winter training (ski mountaineering):
- 20 to 30 hours per week in November and December.
- During the competition season, 15 to 20 hours per week from January to May, with ample time allotted for rest and recovery.
Summer training:
- 20 to 25 hours per week (two outings per day from May to October split between road biking and running).

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Height : 171 cm - Weight: 57 kg
Heart rate: resting: 34 bpm - maximum: 205 bpm
VO2 max between 85 and 90


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