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If you don't know what Petzl RocTrips are, here's your chance to learn all about them. Petzl travels all over the world bringing climbers of all levels together for unforgettably fun times.




petzl roctrip

my name is Salvador and im from Mexico, i have watched all the videos and i like them a lot, i hope i can go next year to this amazing event.
I was wondered if u guys can, please, let me know when and where its gonna be the next one. Thanks for your time.
Salvador Olson

Re: petzl roctrip

Dear Salvador,

Thanks for your interest. Actually we don't know yet where and when the next Roctrip will take place.

This information will be on on time, so we invite you to visit our website.

All the best,

Petzl team


Hi my name is Isi, I'm from Chile and I love all your videos, and I realy like to know what's the name of the song on the video roctrip millau 2004, I just love that song and I can't find it anywhere.

way to go guys!! :)


I guess you are talking about the song "No Limit" from eKoman.
You can ask for this song on his myspace.
Best regards

Huge new area in Borneo

We recently discovered an island, very close to a main town, that has hundreds and hundreds of beautiful lines on great sandstone, mostly vertical with some awesome roofs and outrageous exposure. It has shade all afternoon and is very boltable.

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