Petzl RocTrip 2012: general information


PictoProgram in detail

Climbing in Buitrera canyon, ArgentinaMonday, November 19
10 am - 8 pm: Registration begins

Tuesday, November 20
10 am - 8 pm: Registration

Wednesday, November 21
10 am - 8 pm: Registration

Thursday, November 22
10 am - 4 pm: Registration
7 pm: Opening ceremony, Petzl RocTrip briefing, climbing, food, basecamp, toilets...
7 pm - 11 pm: Dinner at basecamp
10 pm - 11 pm: 10 years of Petzl Roc Trips, films, iPad app, 20 years Ecrin 

Friday, November 23
All-day: Climbing
10 am - 12:30 pm: Clinics
7 pm - 11 pm: Dinner at basecamp
10 pm - 10:30 pm: Film / presentation of Patagonia climbing sites by Ramiro Calvo
10:30 pm - 11 pm: Film

Saturday, November 24
All-day: Climbing
7 pm - 11 pm: Dinner at basecamp
11 pm: Music in teams of 2-3 selected climbers, judged by audience

Sunday, November 25
All-day: Climbing
7 pm - 11 pm: Petzl RocTrip barbecue at basecamp
11 pm: Petzl RocTrip Party
Monday, November 26
End of Petzl RocTrip


PictoHow to get there?

For a virtual tour of the site, just go to Piedra Parada, Argentina on Google maps. The site is indicated with a star and "Rock climbing" on the Nelles Map 1: 2,500,000 Argentina South - Patagonia Uruguay. GPS coordinates: 42.6601°S 70.1024°W




Travelling to La Piedra Parada, Chubut Province, Patagonia

Most travelers arrive in Argentina through the Pistarini International Airport in the capital, Buenos Aires. Give yourself a good hour and a half to go through baggage claim and customs. Then, take the plane to Esquel. For domestic flights, you will change airports. The taxi from Pistarini International Airport to Newberry Airport takes one hour. Don't book your connections too tightly. Esquel is the closest town to La Piedra Parada and should reopen its airport in June 2012. Flying to Bariloche and getting to Esquel by bus is also an option (there are several connections daily from the bus station).

The trip lasts about five hours and takes a modern section of the Routa 40 highway through magnificent landscapes, with views of the high summits of the Andes, lakes, and dense forests. The journey ends with the crossing of an arid desert.

Trip to Argentina



On route to the Meseta Patagonica: 100 km, of which 85 are downhill, separate Esquel from La Piedra Parada.
From Esquel, shuttles will be organized specifically for Petzl RocTrip participants. Normally, there is a bus going to Paso del Sapo on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. It is possible to ask the driver to stop about 100 meters from La Piedra Parada. A bus goes to Gualjaina every day, but you will have to find someone to take you the remaining 45 kilometers. Hitchhiking does not always work, so offering a little money can help.

Esquel is a small, quiet town with a ski resort. There are many hotels, inns and businesses, and even a climbing shop. The supermarkets are the ideal place to shop before the desert.

The last chance location for supplies is at Gualjaina, with a bank machine, grocery store, farm equipment and Gaucho equipment.

Direction Piedra Parada !


Arriving on site
The campground and the ranch are the property of Mario Moncada. Please keep the area tidy; this is also the home of farm animals (horses, sheep, livestock). Close all gates behind you. La Piedra Parada and the La Buitrera Canyon are located in a nature park, which has given permission to hold the RocTrip. Please observe the rules posted at the entrance to the site.


Campground Petzl RocTrip 2012 


PictoPacking checklist


Buitrera canyonHow to dress
The site is at 450 m altitude in a desert region called Meseta Patagonica. It is spring in November in the Southern Hemisphere. Nonetheless, bring warm clothes and a wind-breaker for the night; at this time of year, precipitation is unlikely, but the nights can be chilly! Bring long-sleeved T-shirts and pants for protection against sun and some prickly vegetation. The sun's UV index is significant in this region, so bring strong protection (SPF 50 minimum), caps and scarves.

Tent, air mattress, mid-season sleeping bag, headlamp. Always close your tent properly and check that no reptile or spider has moved into your spot.

Eating - drinking
Bring a plate, utensils, a cup and a water bottle (no dishes will be provided; everyone is responsible for their own).
From November 19 to 28, there will be food stands set up for serving evening meals. Drinking water will be made available at the basecamp. Vegetarians will need to bring their own additional food, as the Argentinian diet is high in beef and mutton. "Asado" on the barbecue is a daily staple. Outside this meal, everyone is 100% independent.

Ecological toilets with wood shavings will be available at the campground and at the Campo de la Buitrera, along with two temporary locations in the canyon. There may be showers. If bathing in the Chubut River, use 100% biodegradable soap; the river is a fishing spot. A good option is to bring a portable solar shower.
Medical care
A good first aid kit for travel and climbing is essential. There are no tropicalBuitrera canyon diseases, but there are snakes, spiders, and scorpions. During the RocTrip, there will be a first aid station on site. The closest rural hospital is in Gualjaina. (More detailed information to come.)

The Argentinian peso's value fluctuates, so check the exchange rate using a converter.

Bring all your sport climbing gear: 70-80 m single rope, 15 draws, long slings. Everyone will be asked to wear a helmet during the Roc Trip because the routes are new and some areas are still loose. The site is not "sterilized". A rope bag is strongly recommended for protection against the very abrasive dust.
For multi-pitch routes, bring everything you need for trad climbing and rappelling, in particular to climb La Piedra. If you want to put up new routes, please talk to the organizers.

Photo - video
Bring something to protect your equipment from the dust.

There is none; bring solar if needed.


Telephone: No reception at the base, but a temporary antenna may be installed for the Petzl RocTrip. In any case, we will have an emergency satellite telephone for the event.Nina Caprez climbing in Buitrera canyon
Internet: For now, there is no connection at Gualjaina, but there is Wifi everywhere in Esquel.

Trout fishing
The Chubut River is an exceptional trout fishing spot. You can fly fish or spin; a fishing license is essential (available at the Gualjaina grocery store). Please respect the fish size restrictions. Permit mandatory.

Travel guides
The classic Guide du Routard and Lonely Planet are very useful. The "Rough Guide to Argentina" app for tablets and smartphones may also help.

Basic Spanish can be very handy. However, note that in Argentina pronunciation is quite different, and there is a strong influence of Italian on the vocabulary (60% of the population is of Italian origin).