Petzl is conducting a study in order to better adapt its products to different user body types. If you use harnesses, helmets, or head lamps, we cordially invite you to participate in this study. The results will contribute to new product development.


An approach to improve Petzl products

The results of this anthropometric study will play a key role in our more ergonomic approach to design in order to provide optimally fitting products to the user for maximum comfort.

This study will also allow us to better define our sizing ranges to cover the entire international population.

In addition, this research will provide Petzl with the opportunity to better understand user body type profiles per activity and per profession.


Who does the study concern?

Petzl would like to invite all harness, helmet, and headlamp users to participate in the study, whether a beginner, intermediate, or expert in a given activity.


Why participate?

Participating in this study will ensure that your physical characteristics will be taken into account in future product design.This is also a good opportunity to provide your feedback and ideas on harnesses, helmets, and headlamps.Your personal information will remain confidential, will serve for internal use only at Petzl, and will be deleted at the end of the study.


How do you participate in the survey?

This is an online survey, so simply click on the link below. It takes approximately 30 minutes to complete the entire questionnaire (the time varies depending on your answers). The questions concern your personal profile, the activities in which you participate, and your equipment. You will also need to measure yourself according to the protocols described in the questionnaire.

The survey closed on July 31, 2013.
Petzl would like to sincerely thank all those who participated!