Despite blizzard conditions Friday, ice climbers showed up in full force Saturday and Sunday for the 15th annual Catskills Ice Fest, hosted by Alpine Endeavors and Rock and Snow. 

Rock and Snow during the Catskills Ice Fest in upstate New York. Photo: © Tim Keenan
Rock and Snow during the Catskills Ice Fest in upstate New York. Photo: © Tim Keenan

With nearly every slot for clinics filled, several busy mornings of handing out demo gear followed at Rock and Snow. Saturday started off snowy and a bit overcast, but the sun came through in the end, making for a great day to be out on the ice. 

Saturday night, Christopher Beauchamp gave a great slideshow showcasing some great new climbs in the Catskills. After getting everyone fired up, Sunday was even busier. With most of Petzl’s demo gear going out, it was another jam-packed morning at Rock and Snow. Alpine Endeavors headed out to run a bunch of great clinics, and it was a perfect day for ice climbing. 

Clinics at the Devil's Kitchen at the 2013 Catskills Ice Fest.   Doug Madera ice climbing at the 2013 Catskills Ice Fest.
An ice clinic at Devil's Kitchen [left] and Doug Madera climbing A Hook and a Prayer. Photos: © Tim Keenan.

I managed to get out for a bit with La Sportiva Rep Doug Madera, to tour around some of the classic overhung mixed terrain the Catskills has to offer. Being a perfect, beautiful day, we climbed two great mixed routes in near perfect conditions. 

Another great weekend for ice climbing in the Catskills, and yet another great Ice Festival.

—Tim Keenan


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