A few weeks before the beginning of the RocTrip, new informations on transportation, campsite and program are available.
 Living on the ranch
Looking at a high number of registred climbers (>1000), in order not to overcrowd the climbing sectors it will be wise to take advantage of the full day light (05H00-22H00).
During the event different food stands, drinks and a minimarket with basic products will be open every day from November 19 to 28. Don't forget to bring your own plates, mug and silverware. 
Camping spots by the river will be allocated on first come first served basis, when this area will be full other sports can be allocated nearby (max 4km) with shuttles. 
Transportation between Esquel and Piedra Parada 
Here are the options from Monday the 19th to Wednesday the 28th of November: 
Way in, departure time:
- Esquel bus station 7:00 am / 6:00 pm
- Esquel airport 7:30 am / 6:30 pm
- Arrival time in Piedra Parada 10:00 am / 9:00 pm
Way out, departure time:
- Piedra Parada 6:00 am / 10:00 am / 5:00 pm
- Arrival time Esquel airport 8:30 am / 12:30 am / 7:30 pm
- Arrival time Esquel bus station 9:00 am / 1:00 pm / 8:00 pm
Cost for a one way trip : 56 ARS
People arriving in Bariloche can easily take the numerous regular buses to Esquel, schedules and reservations : http://www.viabariloche.com.ar/
 Flamenco Concert 
Friday November 23 we will be happy to welcome on stage Mederic Tabart, expert flamenco guitar player and excellent climber. Originating from south of France, Mederic has always shared his time between climbing and music. His passion for Flamenco has led him to training with the best players. Audio link:
Open stage for climbing musicians
Saturday November 24 from 21H00 to 23H00 there will be an open stage for climbing singers and musicians, with a possibility to do a few songs on plug-line check- play basis. Possibility to plug mikes and lines on the sound system, and use instruments available, (although better to bring your own). Registration for the open stage on arrival.
Movie sound track
For the creation of the soundtrack of the Petzl movie we are seeking volunteer musicians for recordings (sounds, melodies, voices) with all kinds of traditional south american instruments or unusual instruments. Ex: Charango, Cajon, Flutes, Shakers, Quatro, Bandoneon, Bombo, Queina, Berimbau, Pandero, etc... To listen to the possibilities watch the RocTrip China movie and focus on the sound tracks. Auditions and recordings will be done onsite by Vladimir Cellier, director of the movie. 
Contact: vladcellier@gmail.com
 Movie scenes
During onsite registration, volunteers wil be offered the possibility to be part of collectives or individual scenes by the directors of the film. Details will be posted at registrations.
Program update
Monday November 19
10h - 20h     Registration
Tuesday November 20
10h - 20h: Registration
Wednesday November 21
10 h - 20h: Registration
Thursday November 22
10h - 16h: Registration
19h: Opening ceremony, mandatory presence of all participants
20h - 23h: Dinner on the ranch
22h -23h30: Evening event: 20 years of Petzl distribution in Argentina, 10 years of Petzl RocTrips with Dani Andrada, screening RocTrip China, Nina Caprez screening new movie  "Slbergeir"
 23h30: climber music mix DJ  
Friday November 23
Free climbing at Piedra Parada and Canyon la Buitrera
19h - 23h: Dinner on the ranch
22h - 23h00: Climbing in Patagonia a presentation by Ramiro Calvo and friends
23 - 24h30: Flamenco concert with Méderic Tabart
24h30: climber music mix DJ Wild One 
Saturday November 24
Free climbing at Piedra Parada and Canyon la Buitrera
14h - 18h: climbing demonstration on Piedra Parada with Petzl Team 
19h - 23h: Dinner on the ranch 
21h30 - 23h00: open stage for musician climbers
23h00 - 01h00: concert with Guatambú
Sunday November 25
ree climbing at Piedra Parada and Canyon la Buitrera 
19h - 23h: Petzl RocTrip Assado
22h: RocTrip party with Sean Villanueva presenting "Rambling rocks in South America" - Concert - Sagagnass mix
Monday November 26
Closure of Petzl RocTrip