Around the new year, my fiancé, Chris, was writing a long list of his goals and turned to me  "What are your climbing goals?"

"Just one," I replied.  "I want to climb 5.14." 

For me, this would not just be an objective accomplished for the year but – if I could pull it off – a lifetime climbing goal.

Heather Robinson
Heather Robinson, psyched after the send.

I had a 5.14 picked out at Mt. Potosi called Mon Pote Assis. Similar to Power Windows – also at Mt Potosi and my first 5.13d last year – it was steep, short, and appeared to have powerful movement. Since Chris and I planned to spend most of the winter and early spring in Vegas, it seemed to be the best opportunity to project at my limit.

Projecting is mentally and physically exhausting. There were countless days where I felt completely shut down and doubted my ability. What gets me through the feeling of failure is my ability to not give up. We all fail, it's just how we deal with failure that determines whether or not we will eventually succeed.

Mon Pote Assis is a short, steep, power-endurance climb. I was one-hanging the route after about a month of work, but didn't realize just how far away I was from sending. I fell attempting a move to a jug up high at least 10 times. I knew if I could stick that one last move, it would be over, but I continued to fail day after day.  I obsessed about the move, rehearsing it in my head over and over again. 

Heather Robinson climbing Mon Pote Assis
Heather on Mon Pote Assis (5.14a), at Mt. Potosi, Nevada.

My savior for redpointing this route was having the ability to rest in places where the guys couldn't shake out. I discovered a few shallow and narrow knee bars that, although were taxing to use, allowed me to rest just enough in between the bouldery moves. By utilizing these rests, I finally felt strong going to the last jug, hit it perfectly, and woohoo! I sent my first 5.14! 

Thank you to my fiancé for your patient belays, and friends and sponsors for all your best wishes and support always. Looking forward to spending this summer in Rifle, Colorado, then off to Spain this fall!