June 12 marked the beginning of a new selection camp in Chateau d'Oex, Switzerland. Sixteen young people from around the world gathered for a 10-day camp where they competed for places on an expedition to Nunavut, Canada scheduled for August 2011.

Selection Pangaea canada

pictoPhysical exercise in a magnificent environment

By participating in a variety of exercises, the young hopefuls were able to demonstrate their physical abilities and prove their high level of commitment. The long days have been completely filled with morning jogs, swimming, biking, climbing and more. The group even had the opportunity to paddle across Lake Geneva on a surfboard! These fitness tests were used to evaluate the young people's breathing capacity, endurance and strength. Despite the tiring schedule, everyone truly enjoyed this adventure and shared many special moments with the rest of their teammates.

Pangaea séléction Canada - sport


pictoMore than just sports

Workshops on photography and videography were also used to helped everyone improve their skills in these area. By the end, everyone was able to produce a video on a lifestyle that relies on renewable energy. The young people attended lectures on the importance of sustainable development and learned about the Arctic region's climate, geology and geography. This was also an opportunity for the potential expedition members to learn about the different equipment (GPS, ropes, etc) that they would be required to use on the expedition.

The selection camp ended with a two-day adventure race. The group was divided into two teams and were required to prove their courage and team spirit. This resulted in even more beautiful learning experiences for the 16 adventurers.


Following the selection camp, here is a list of the eight young people chosen for the Canada expedition:

  • Zuzanna Lukasik, 19 years old, Poland
  • Mikhayla Bader, 17 years old, South Africa
  • Valentin Dorsaz, 15 years old, Switzerland
  • Henko Roukema, 18 years old, South Africa
  • Xue Xi, 20 years old, China
  • Simon Zuberbühler, 18 years old, Switzerland
  • Ricarda Schenker, 17 years old, Germany
  • Ansgar Fellendorf, 18 years old, Austria

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