“Young Explorers Program” 2nd part
South Island of New Zealand

After a 10-day selection camp in January 2009, 8 out of 20 young participants joined Mike Horn in New Zealand. All aged between 15 and 20 and of different nationalities, these young people will navigate for 15 days (from May 14th to 30th) in the fjords and western part of South Island. Accompanied by a team of 27 people, Andrew LYNCH (18, USA), Alisa BERANSKA (20, GB), Daniel MAIDMENT (15, RSA), Jun LEE (17, CN), Zofia DRAPELLA (17, PL), Raphaël GABELLA (19, CH), Simon STRACTKER (15, DE) and Annelies VARHACK (16, BE) will discover, explore and live next to a man, Mike Horn, whose aim is to make them aware of environmental and climate changes.

L'équipe des jeunes explorateurs

The main objectives of this expedition are:

  • To explore and discover the beauty of wild and preserved regions like the iced fjords of South Island.
  • To develop the young explorers’ practical know-how for them to be able to measure the differences in temperatures, the salinity and quality of the water and the sediments in these regions.
  • To obtain information about the impact of tourist activities on the marine environment, as these activities are quickly developing in wild areas. 
  • To experience incredible moments in these magical regions.


Exploration de nuit

After a first phase at sea to become accustomed to living together on a boat, the team of young explorers went on its first mission to Coal island.


Victim of a “gold rush” during the 18th century, the island was afterwards completely abandoned. Its exceptional fauna is today in danger, threatened by the rodents that were introduced. The young people took part in checking and cleaning the traps. Then they sailed to Dusky Sound, a splendid fjord where Captain Cook stopped after exploring the Antarctic. The crew is now on land and progressing through the primary forest at a daily pace of 9-12 miles with Dave Rundgren, a biologist specialized in the region.


L'équipe sur le PANGAEA


To finish, the YEP team intends to explore the coast in sea kayaks.


To know more about this expedition, visit www.mikehorn.com


Photos: Dmitri Sharomov / Droits Mike Horn SARL