Tales From the Edge - Helmet Close Calls is a new page on petzl.com, created to showcase stories from users who have taken some serious hits to their helmets.

Helmet Page screenshot

From rock and ice fall to inverted head-bashers, our customers have been sending us tales of their helmet close-calls for years, along with photos of their beat-up brain buckets. Petzl has always believed in the importance of helmets, but, of course, a helmet offers no protection if it stays in the gear closet. This new Helmet Close Calls page is intended to encourage everyone to think twice before they leave their helmet at home.

We want to add your helmet stories to the new page. Click here or on the image above to go to the new Close Calls page and enter your story into the Comments section down at the bottom. Every month, we'll pick one of the posted stories to highlight and share on Facebook and Twitter. We'll also send a new Petzl helmet to the teller of the selected story.

We encourage anyone who knows first hand the importance of a helmet to write in and tell us your story. Let your friends know. The more stories we collect, the clearer the message will be: helmets are a great idea; don't leave home without one.