Giving thanks to friends, family, customers, and coworkers.
May your Thanksgiving holiday be safe and full of food!

 Gobble gobble
Turkey photo by Steve Voght.


We asked a few of our athletes what they feel thankful for this Thanksgiving. Here's some thanks from Majka Burhardt:

"A cancer-fighting poodle, a stronger back, an old set of pics ground down for indoor dry-tooling, the promise of real ice outside, a whole new group of Ethiopian friends from Imagine Ethiopia 2010, a letter-writing niece (and her "flat" impersonator who visited in an envelope and went climbing), a new van, my same bed, and the family and friends who make it all worthwhile."

Sharpening tools  


More thanks from Emily Harrington:

"Thanksgiving is the holiday I always spend with my family. My mom loves to cook and entertain so I always go over to my parents' house to be with them. This year, we have some family from out of town and some of my closest friends coming over as well. Being able to spend time with them is what I am most thankful for." 

Emily Harrington Profile
Photo: © Rocker Wang


What are you Thankful for?

See you out there! 

--The Petzl America Crew