Most of the year I travel and don’t occupy any living quarters for more than a month. It takes a getting used to if you aren’t accustomed this sort of life but, I assure you as well…it is bliss. The past 6 months I have been in France, Spain, Colorado, Utah, Texas, and even New Mexico. All for climbing.

The wintertime, however, is the one time when my girlfriend Colette and I stop moving around and post up for a little while. We reside in a small town called Hurricane in Southern Utah. Hurricane is just outside of Zion, 20 minutes from St. George, and 2 hours from Las Vegas. The terrain here is amazing and I have to say that the desert is one of the most fascinating climates. The air is always dry and there is TONS of stone. And yup, being a climber here is easy.

I have started bolting some new spots. The effort this requires is sometimes the same as climbing 9a. It is VERY tiring and exhausting. But step-by-step you create an amazing line for you and others to enjoy. My whole concept for climbing this year is NEW stuff.

I have always been pretty satisfied repeating lines and I still am. But the creation and desire it takes to equip a route is a completely different sensation. You put even MORE blood sweat and tears into a project this way. You have to keep your eyes open and allow the line to dictate the outcome. The stages from bolting, to cleaning to figuring out moves to sending… It is so satisfying.

I am glad to be here and will keep the updates coming.



Still climbing

hey Joe,,, i was the 12 year old kid from Red Rock last year....
im still climbing but nit going to red rock this year:(
dont have enough money

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