Updated 2/2/2010: Thanks to our Twitter followers, we were about to round up enough vintage TIKKAs for use in the film. We are no longer in need of more headlamps. Thanks for your help!


A new feature film depicting Aron Ralston's epic (directed by Danny Boyle and starring James Franco) in a Southern Utah Slot canyon is in the works. Petzl has been asked to help out by providing the film makers with accurate props for film.

In 2003, Aron Ralston set out on a day-long solo adventure, biking and hiking in the Robbers Roost area of Utah's Canyonlands National Park. In Aron's book, Between A Rock and a Hard Place, he details his thoughts about needing his light, as he was planning on being back to his vehicle well before dark, but decided to take his Petzl TIKKA 3 LED headlamp with him, just in case.

Later during the hike, a boulder fell and pinned Aron's right hand against the narrow slot canyon wall. Five days and nights later, Aron amputated his arm above the wrist to free himself from the canyon and save his life. Detailed photographs that Aron took while trapped clearly show his Petzl TIKKA headlamp on his head.

We're asking our loyal customers to dig around their old gear closet and see if they have a headlamp like the one in the photo (below). The film's prop department is dedicated to accurately representing the original story. If you have this Petzl TIKKA, in blue and gray, with the matching white band, we will trade it in for a brand new TIKKA PLUS2 and your old headlamp might be featured in the movie.

The first 8 people to email a JPEG photo of their matching vintage headlamp and band will qualify.




Hey I have the exact "Petzl TIKKA, in blue and gray, with the matching white band" and it's look exactly like the one in the picture.

Send me and email address to send you back the pic of the lamp.

Have a nice climb!


That would be great. Please send the photo of the headlamps to info [at] petzl [dot] com.


The Petzl Crew

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