As many of you may have heard, last weekend, three climbers were reported missing on Mount Edgar in China: Jonny Copp, Micah Dash and Wade Johnson. This is shattering news. Our hearts and prayers go out to the friends and families of the missing climbers. Please go here for more information and to learn how you can help support search efforts:

Friend and contributor to this website, Pete Takeda, just left for China from his hometown of Boulder, Colorado to assist in the seach efforts. He sent me this text message late yesterday:

"Tuesday 4:43,  Chengdu time. 40 hours into a nonstop trip from Boulder to Moxi village. Winding mountain roads after 3 air legs: DIA > San Francisco > Beijing > Chengdu. Nineteen days after Jonny Copp, Micah Dash and Wade Johnson were last seen living in basecamp. Two bodies have been found. One confirmed as Jonny Copp. I cancelled my Pakistan trip to go on what started out as a rescue and is now not looking very hopeful. I hope Micah is still alive. We’re meeting Eric Decaria and Nick Martino in a half day. Steve Su and I have been going to bring our friends back. Nick Rosen and Mick Follari are leaving the States in 10 hours as the third wave. I am wired and can’t give any thought to anything but what needs to be done. Don’t know how long this will take but we have incredible support: from headquarters, Nick Rosen, Pete Mortimer, Mark Reiner, Ben Alexandra, Jose Javari, Robb Schurr...the headquarters crew in Boulder and the thousands of other friends, families and strangers who have cried, toiled on their phones and computers, donated, called, emailed, posted, announced and just plain been helping and volunteering time, money, hugs, tears, smiles and prayers. Also the US Consulate, Chinese Consulate, American and Chinese climbers and organizations, anonymous donors, the outdoor industry…the list goes on and on.

All this support shows how many lives that Jonny, Micah and Wade have touched. I know personally that Jonny would do the same for any of us."

- Pete Takeda


The search for Micah Dash

Godspeed to you Pete! I am one of Micah's cousins, and I am sooooo thankful that you are going out to help with the search. I understand the odds are long, but so long as you are searching for a living man, you are more likely to find him alive. Thanks for giving me hope, however slim the odds are

Wishing you a safe and successful effort!


I am absolutely still holding out hope as is my husband Jim Sullivan. Our whole family absolutely adores Micah and loves when he comes to visit in Tucson. Zachary (age 7) always calls him "Micahdash" as if it's one name, and Micah always replies, "yes ZackSullivan." They share silly jokes and stories and I hear Micah's laugh. We're monitoring the boards a couple of times a day hoping for the best possible news. The best of luck to all those searching. Be safe. Pay attention. And our sincere condolences to the Copp and Johnson families. We hold hands and wait with the Dash family and Nellie.

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